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“Strength does not come from winning.
Your struggles develop your strength.
When you go through hardship and
decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Obstacles test you.

They test your resolve, your determination and your creativity.

A successful life is not one free of obstacles.

It’s one where obstacles are present, but how they’re
handled and viewed is different from the average life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had major obstacles

in his way at different parts of his life.
But his attitude and mindset determined his level of success.
A successful bodybuilder, Hollywood actor and politician,
almost everything he has achieved most would
have thought impossible, for a young boy from Austria.
When he was starting off as an actor he was TOLD to change
his name, because it was too long and unpronouncable.
He was also told to change his physique because
he’d never get an acting job.
And he was told to give up because he had a ‘weird accent’…
Well, we all know what happened.
As  very wise mentor of mine once told me
‘Believe it or not, you learn the most,
not when things are going right, but when things are going wrong!’
When you decide to succeed DESPITE any setbacks,
you find ways of making things work.
You develop inner strength and in  a strange way
obstacles become your friends – because…
-they can make you better
-they can make you stronger
– they can make you humble
but ONLY if you’re open to learning from them.
So wherever you’re at right now, maybe reflect on
what obstacles you THINK are in front of you this week
and just DECIDE to get around them.
The biggest factor in doing this, is getting EVEN
CLEARER about what you want.  This kick starts your motivation.
So, what, if any, is your biggest obstacle?
Decide NOW to tackle it and go through it.  Take ACTION.