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Is Impossible An Opinion?

Here’s an interesting quote to consider:

“Impossible is an opinion, not a fact.”

This was shared with me this morning by a teacher in CBC Monkstown, Dublin, Hugh Fitzmaurice.  I’d been asked to speak to transition year and some 5th year students about the power of their mindset.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when they seemed to get more excited about using the information to improve their chances with the girls than with their studies… (hopefully both!)

I really like this quote because it probably relates to everyone at some level.

You might be great in one area but maybe you have a blind spot in another…

Here are two great questions to identify possible ‘self-imposed’ limitations:

‘What now is impossible, but if it could be done, it would transform my business/career?’ 


‘What now is impossible, but if it could be done, it would transform my life?’

What seems impossible to you could be very possible to someone else. What’s the difference? Could it be in your mind? (How you’re looking at it?)

Food for thought,

Best Regards,


ps – If you are putting some of these emails into action, and getting results, I’d love to hear from you, and with your permission share them with others on this mail shot. (I think it will inspire others to keep taking action and thanks to Sean O’Leary for suggesting this idea.)

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