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A Key Skill For Now And The Future

“Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue
with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.”
-Jane Goodall

here is increasing focus in leadership training and development
around Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient.

One of the key skills in any great leader is the ability to really

Thought Leaders at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MiT)
have identified 4 levels of listening:

1. Downloading:  Telling people what you think they want to hear

2. Factual: Listening for new facts but ultimately sticking with your own original opinion.

3. Empathic: Being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes and see the situation from their eyes.

4. Generative:  Being able to truly be in the present moment, dropping all opinions and beliefs and connecting at a deeper level with what’s going on in that moment.

Most people operate in levels 1 or 2.  
Levels 3 and 4 present real personal and business growth opportunities.

Level 4 is a skill that MiT sees as the future for leaders in all areas as they see it
as the source of real innovative ideas, new thinking and emerging possibilities for significant positive change.

Maybe this week, watch your listening and which areas you’re working in…

You might get some pleasant surprises.

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