Leadership Rangers – I’m Not One Of Them…


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“Leaders don ‘t create followers.

They create more leaders.”

– Tom Peters

I’ve been running some workshops on Leadership over the past few months for clients and one of the recurring themes is the way people see themselves. i.e. they don’t see themselves as leaders.

This seems to be all to common for people who are not in authority but it’s also with people who have the authority but they have just become managers and not leaders.

What is leadership when you get down to it?

There are many ways to define it but one way is identifying identify an outcome or change you want to achieve and then work on bringing people together to help achieve it – growing in the process. Today, it’s more about inspiration than control.

The old model for leadership was about command and control i.e. don’t think for yourself, you will be told what to do.

But the world we live in is crying out for a new model of leadership.

There is too much change and disruption going on for the old model to work anymore.

The new model is about inspiring people. It’s not about having followers or even employees who are told what to do – it’s about having collaborators i.e. people who want to create with you.

To create something new and better.

But… what happens if you’re the one who sees the change needed? Are you like most and say to yourself ‘I’m not a leader, I’ll wait for someone else to do it.’ 

In my experience, leadership is not about a job or role, it’s more about an attitude or mindset. Anyone at any level can show leadership.

It’s never easy and it has the risk of failure, rejection and maybe even humiliation. But it’s essential to progress. It’s vital to better organisations and improving society and the planet.

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader. But not if we don’t activate it.

Every day around the world we are seeing more examples of poor leadership in action. Maybe it’s because we’ve been waiting for the Lone Range to arrive in and lead us.

But what if there is no Lone Ranger? (Some people thought Trump was the Lone Ranger. I think they’ve revised their position…)

What if instead there are many Leadership Rangers out there, but they just haven’t stepped up yet?

And if you’ve read this far, either you’ve activated yourself and agree with me OR you haven’t activated yet and know in your gut, your time is now.

Where is the change you want to make?

Time to step into the fear, and step into your leadership.



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