Learning From Olympians – Recovery Time

“I used to be able to party all weekend. Now one night of drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery!”


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“I used to be able to party all weekend.
Now one night of drinking requires more recovery
time than minor surgery!” 

 – Anonymous

One of the trends for high performers over recent years in sports has been
the focus on recovery time.

Top athletes in all disciplines attest to the fact that
recovery time is just as important as practice time.

And it has become a science in itself, with good sleep for example
being one of the key elements for effective recovery (there are now full time sleep
coaches in the NFL in the US).

But what about business leaders?

In my experience, recovery time is just as important but often many believe
that ‘being tired’ is just the way it has to be – and so they keep burning it at both ends
without looking at the daily habits that could help them reset.

Think about the difference between you at 3/10 energy
versus you at 8/10 energy.

Same person, same situation – but most likely you will have different
results because of your state/energy.

And more and more I am seeing people’s states being compromised hugely.

Factors that impact on your energy daily are Technology, People, Environment and your

How you manage each of these impacts hugely on your energy levels and thereby your

We need to have daily recovery strategies to reset our energy.

The best that I know all have their own version of ‘reset routines’
for their days – start, during and end.

Some ideas:

– Start of Day:
Read something inspiring
Have breakfast!

During Day:
Have set times for email and social media (minimise interruptions)
Take breaks! (for mind and body)
Manage your mind
Plan your diary around what matters most

End of Day:
No technology for 2 hours before sleep time
No technology in the bedroom
Read fiction or something easy going, to relax your mind

The question is what are you doing today to help your recovery?


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