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The Logic Of Spock

“Insufficient facts always invite danger.”
– Spock, Star Trek: the Original Series

You may have heard that Leonard Nimoy, the legendary actor
who played Spock passed a few days ago at the age of 83.

Growing up in the 70’s in Ireland, I have to say watching the
adventures of his character, Captain Kirk and that of the team
of the Star Trek Enterprise was always a highlight of my school
week and a great distraction from reality…

If you’re a ‘Trekkie’ you know that Spock was the emotionless
champion of logic. And the above quote, is a short one that is
relevant in business and life.

In many cases, we can find ourselves making judgements and decisions
based on our opinion of a situation rather than the facts of it.
Our minds can distort what’s really going on.

With People:
– I ‘think’ that person isn’t doing their job well…
– I ‘think’ those people have nothing in common with me…
– I ‘think’ that ‘X’ is unhappy/disappointed/angry with me…

With Business:
– Not having up to date financials to help you make meaningful decisions
– Not keeping in touch with the reality of the changes in your market
– Making assumptions about the key people around you without checking for truth
– What my customers really think about our services…

The best that I know, always make it their business to get to
reality i.e. what is really going on, and then building from there
towards their goals and dreams.

Not knowing the facts of a situation is dangerous because
you usually end up making moves that are counter-productive.

That was the beauty of Spock in Star Trek. He was the logical ‘ying’
to Captain Kirk’s emotional, impulsive ‘yang’. Both of them complimented
the other, and made it all the more entertaining.

So it might be something to watch in yourself this week.

What are the real facts? What is true?

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