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Mind-Reading As A Skill

“I’m sorry you find communicating so difficult,
next time I’ll read your mind.”
– Anonymous

Maybe you sometimes feel like saying this to the people around you?

Or perhaps you’re guilty of it too?

It’s so easy to operate in our own little bubble and
think that everyone understands what we’re thinking.

A lot of problems in business and life would disappear
if we took the time to really communicate.

And that doesn’t mean just giving information.

Someone said to me recently: “I know I’m not the best communicator
but that’s just the way I am.”

That attitude is just asking for trouble. And it’s not fair on the people that
interact with you.

Communication is a skill that needs to be worked on.  The best communicators get
the most opportunities and rewards.  They also tend to have better relationships.

I don’t know any business or relationship that can’t be improved by better

Here’s a few questions to consider:

– Do the key people in my professional life know what they need or want to know?

– If not what can I do this week to improve that?

– Ask the same 2 questions for your personal life…

– Can I share this email with someone to provoke a constructive conversation about our

Because the problem with mind-reading is that it’s a bit hit and miss…

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