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One Powerful Way To Improve Your Energy

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an
uncompleted task.”
– William James

It’s all too common – meeting people who have all sorts
of projects or tasks that are still open – i.e. not completed.

But every project or task that is uncompleted
takes up a chunk of your mental energy – usually unconscious.

The project you started but hit a roadblock…
The personal financials issue you need to sort out…
The preparation for that presentation next month…
The book you started but haven’t finished…
The innovative work idea you started but haven’t finished…

Procrastination hurts us because we know at some
level that we have to do the work. And we can beat ourselves
up for not completing.

You’re not thinking about it consciously
but it’s there at the ‘back of your mind’ – taking up valuable and precious energy.

One simple but powerful action is to make a list of
uncompleted projects and tasks and then close them out one by one.

You will find that as you get your mental space back your energy
lifts also – which impacts your clarity, creativity and productivity.

So, what are 10 uncompleted projects or tasks around you at the moment?

Make the list, then attack each one by one.

Food for thought.

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