Regretting Workouts..​.


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“Wow! I really regret that workout.”

– No-one. Ever.

The purpose of this weekly email is inspiration. Some times it might hit the mark for you, sometimes it may not. Words can work like magic if they are the right ones for you at that time.
But there’s one thing that will hit the mark for you consistently, that doesn’t require words…
If you are looking for more inspiration, energy, motivation, happiness, positivity, ideas, creativity, insights or solutions to problems…then remember regular exercise.
And it doesn’t have to be sweat inducing exercise – I remember one of the best ‘mental fitness’ tips I received, was from a counsellor I was seeing in my mid-20’s. He advised me to take a ‘Slow Walk In the 5 Senses’ daily for a minimum of 30 minutes.  An amazing tool to recharge your mind and body. The 9th January is apparently the day when most NY resolutions end up on the scrap heap.   Do whatever it takes for your exercise plan to be the exception.
ps – We have extended the early bird rate for Kick Start 2014, so if you’re interested, I’d advise to move on it soon.   It starts on 21st Jan.