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Taking A Very Useful Bathroom Break

“Everything is possible. Definitely in my case, I can say that what I’ve been through in my career, in my life, this journey has been terrific so far. I‘ve achieved some things that a lot of people thought it would be not possible for me to achieve.”

– Novak Djokovic, after winning the French Tennis Open in June 2021

This time of year is always rich with sporting inspiration and the weekend just gone was full of inspiring and dramatic moments.

But one that really caught my attention was the fantastic come-back by the world number one Novak Djokovic, who fought back from two sets to love down to win a 19th grand slam title, becoming the first man in the Open era to win each of the majors at least twice.

Were he to win Olympic gold as well in Tokyo, he would be the first man to claim the five titles in one year and only the second player after Steffi Graf in 1988.

The turning point in the match was quite significant. And it came at the start of the third set after the 34-year-old took a bathroom break. (I’m a big fan of this strategy when momentum is against you…)

At the press conference after the game, Djokovic revealed something very important:

“There’s always two voices inside:

There is one telling you that you can’t do it, that it’s done, it’s finished. That voice was pretty strong after that second set. So I felt that that was a time for me to actually vocalise the other voice and try to suppress the first one that was saying I can’t make it. I told myself I can do it, encouraged myself. I strongly started to repeat that inside of my mind, tried to live it with my entire being.

“Once I started playing in that third set, especially in the first few games, I saw where my game is at, it kind of supported that second voice that was more positive, more encouraging. After that there was not much of a doubt for me.”

There are always 2 voices inside – even for a world number one…

And it’s worth noting that all of the people around you also have the same challenge. Yet many rarely ever pause to consider that.

Something to reflect on this week:

  • Is it time to take a ‘Bathroom Break’ for some part of your work or life this week?
  • Maybe it’s worth changing the voice inside…?
  • And how can you help the people around you to improve theirs?

If interested, you can watch the relevant part of Djokovic’s press conference here.


PS – Huge thanks to John for making me aware of Djokovic’s comments.

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