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The Key To Dramatic Turnarounds

“Don’t be pushed by your problems.

Be led by your dreams.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I wish I had your problems.”

These words were from the mouth of a smart business person, who was part of a forum I run for leaders.

The particular group of men and women would meet up every couple of months to help accelerate their progress on key goals – business and personal.

And during these gatherings, I would often break them into smaller groups to dig a bit deeper into the important things going on in their world.

It was always very powerful.

In this particular side-group, there were 4 leaders and one of them (Leader 1) had just shared how he was nearly broken with the problems in the business and wanted to give up.

He shared with the group the problems and challenges he had going on. He didn’t hold back and I was impressed with his ability to be vulnerable with his peers.

After he finished speaking, there was silence as the group digested what he had just told them. The story they’d just heard wasn’t particularly encouraging in terms of business survival.

Then one of the other people (Leader 2) said the above words and Leader 1 was stunned.

Then Leader 2 shared what was going on in their world – he’d previously refused to share with the group the details because it was so painful to him – but now he was unloading.

And by comparison, it seemed as if Leader 1’s problems weren’t as significant. Yet the truth was both circumstances were challenging.

At the end of his sharing, Leader 2 said that in his opinion, Leader 1 just had to ‘suck it up and get on with it.”

Part of me was imagining having to diffuse a serious argument, but Leader 1 sat silent and just digested what his colleague had shared. The words had gone beyond his ego and they hit home.

And that was the start of a dramatic transformation.

Today, Leader 1’s business is thriving and he puts that moment as the key turning point. It didn’t make it easier and it didn’t solve any major external problems, but it did address perhaps the biggest problem – an inner one.

The mindset.

Everyone can be forgiven for falling victim to a ‘pity party’, particularly in challenging times. But if I’ve learned anything in my own life and working with leaders, it’s that the right mindset is key to creating miracles.

And even the best of the best will get seriously challenged and at times, will want to give up.

But when you decide to really ‘get on with it’, you allow space for magic to happen.

People always look for tricks and techniques to improve mindset but sometimes all it takes is for you to look in the mirror and say to yourself ‘I’m all in’.

Where is this relevant to you and your life?

And what can you do about it this week?


PS – The right mindset is easier when you pro-actively manage your State Of Mind/Being. Here’s some content on areas you can improve on to do just that.

PPS – If you’re an experienced leader interested in joining a forum to advance your progress in 2020, let me know by reply.

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