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“For things to change,
first I must change. 
What do I need to change?”
– Keith Cunningham
What?  Am I reading that right?  You must be mistaken.
I’m perfect (you know who you are…).  The issue isn’t with me
it’s with ‘them’.  ‘They’ need to change…
As I’ve said before, I believe there’s great power in asking
the right question.  The above quote puts forward a view that most
people in my experience have trouble with – me included.
If things aren’t the way you wish them to be, we generally point
the finger of blame at someone else.
They did this…
They didn’t do that…
and on and on…
I remember talking with a business owner over a ‘problem’ he
was having with a member of his team – they never did what he wanted
and he was having a major issue managing them.  It was only
when he fully accepted that the way HE was managing the person had a huge
impact on their performance, that real change could take place – and it did.
So, I wonder can you think of an area in your business or life
right now that is ‘bothering’ you? – and ask yourself the above question
just for that area…
And just for this week, take the ball of ‘responsibility’ and see what
you can change.
Food for thought.
Have a great week,
Best Regards,