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Tiger Comes Full Circle

“The greatest thing about tomorrow is,

I will be better than I am today.” 

– Tiger Woods

I remember when Tiger Woods won his first US Masters in 1997, which at the time was also his first ever major win.

He won by a remarkable 12 shots ahead of the runner up.

I remember being inspired by this young man who was nothing like this golf had ever seen. He transformed the way young players today approach the game i.e. as an athlete. Pre-Tiger, things like physical and mental fitness were not seen as being relevant. Now they are seen as essential.

I also remember how disappointed I was when it was revealed that Tiger had a dark side and like a lot of famous and successful people, struggled in managing it. And ultimately he paid a hefty price for his indiscretions.

Most people in sport have written Tiger off since. His head wasn’t right following the most public of humiliations. Throw in high pain and 4 back operations and it just seemed a bridge too far. And he stopped winning.

It seemed too unlikely that he would ever win a major tournament again.

Yet, yesterday, 11 years after winning his last major, he emerged victorious at Augusta to win his 5th US Masters. And this amongst a field of perhaps the best ever group of golfers assembled.

Tiger has come full circle.

You may not like Tiger Woods. Or indeed admire his achievement yesterday. But his victorious recovery can surely inspire everyone.

Most people I know have areas they would like to change but often they’ve given up. Either out of frustration, pain or just by being plain worn out with the struggle.

I like to say that baby steps conquer mountains. But not if you stop walking.

Which mountain do you want to climb?



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