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Ways To Improve Your Business And Life

I spent 2 days and 2 nights last week in Glendalough a business retreat with 10 business owners (part of my Thrive Forum).  The intention was to take some valuable time out personally and also reflect on business and life.  IMG_1503

The first picture is from a hike we took in the hills around Glendalough.

The second was dinner with a very inspiring man, Jerry Kiersey, who is a World Champion Ice Swimmer (won in his 60’s!) and he had a very positive impact on the group in terms of his approach to business, life and contribution (He helps Saint Ultans in Dublin.

Below are some of the insights that came up

for the group:IMG_0391

  • The most important person in my business life, other than me, is my wife/partner/husband.  Yet do I give them the same level of thinking or attention as I would my most valuable customer(s)?
  • Health is your real wealth.  Prioritise it above all else.  When in turbulent waters, stop alcohol completely to get clear thinking until the waters calm.
  • Coming out of your head is vital to help get clarity.  Your body/intuition/deeper mind has ideas and solutions if we let ourselves access them
  • Your mind is like a snow globe.  When it’s busy it blocks the solution you’re looking for.  Letting it calm first, is the way to get clarity.
  • Nature is a great asset to easily calm your mind (Snowglobe).
  • Yoga Analogy:  Find the centre.  Be aware of what’s behind you (the past), and of what’s in front of you (movement), and find the point in the middle.  This is the centre.  From there, the exercise is easiest and most beneficial.  Great analogy for business and life.
  • Yoga is for everyone!
  • We are often more in out heads than we realise.  Yet with a little practice, we can move into the moment more often and be 10 times more creative and innovative.
  • You can inspire others by the life you lead and not just what you say.
  • Our inner voice can block ourselves, and opportunities if we let it.
  • Hiking Analogy:  We can be so busy focused on our next step, so that we don’t slip or fall (make mistakes) that we can stop to just enjoy the view or big picture.
  • There is great power in making a decision. ‘I’m going to make this work.  I will find a solution.’
  • We can feel very guilty taking time off.  But the benefits are massive!


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