What % Of Your Sales Will Come From Sources That Don’t Exisit Today?


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“We assume that 50% of our revenue in 5 years’ time must come from sources that do not exist today.  That is why we innovate.”

– Ernst & Young 2010 Connecting Innovation to Profit report

This was a comment I found while doing some research on creativity and innovation.
When you consider that 2010 was the year the iPad was launched, you realise how much can happen in 4 years!
And it’s not just in technology.
Only yesterday I spent a fun-filled afternoon with my kids in a renovated cow-shed building, that is now home to a fee paying play zone for children.  A year ago it was full of cows being milked.  Today it’s full of kids.  Innovation indeed!

With the rate of change that’s going on across entire systems, innovation is not just for the head of the R&D department or business owners.  Innovation is everyone’s concern.

What if you assumed that 50% of the work you’re doing today will either be outsourced or automated in the next 3 -5 years?
Then ask yourself 2 questions:
1. What work can I start delegating/outsourcing/automating now?
2. What new value can I bring to my role/the business?
These questions answered will drive creativity and innovation in your own role – and by default in the business you’re in.  Saying you’re ‘too busy’ is no longer an excuse.

And the follow up question to consider is this: What are the skills you need to learn over the next 3 years?
Food for thought.