When Things Go Wrong And A Useful Mindset From Theatre…


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“The man who smiles when things go wrong

has thought of someone to blame it on.”

– Robert Bloch, American fiction writer (Best known as the writer of Psycho)

Thank you for the kind comments and replies on last week’s email – it seemed to strike a chord for many.

One line from that mail also seemed to resonate with many was this:

Business and life is a full contact sport.

The reality is that no-one can control how things unfold. And certainly, it seems that the entire world is getting a lesson in this right now.

Things going wrong is another way of saying “I don’t like this”. And because we feel what we think, that is the start of how stress and misery is caused. But, while we can’t control how the world unfolds, we can control our response to it.

I’m lucky in that I’m a fan and practitioner of acting, a love I inherited from my mother. One of my earliest memories as a child is sitting in a theatre hall in Kilkenny, watching her and her fellow actors rehearse their upcoming shows.

Something that struck me then was the realisation that in every live show, things will go wrong. Every show. But the audience rarely knows it. The challenge for the actors is to accept it as it unfolds, and not get knocked mentally out of the game. And if you’re clear minded and calm, it’s much easier to improvise if needed.

In fact, people in the world of improvisation have a phrase for it:

The “Yes and…” mindset.

Which means to accept whatever arises on stage, and to build from there – not resist it or give out about it. And that’s what we all need today. To work from a mindset of “Yes, and…” daily, because it’s when we get stuck in “Yes, but I don’t like/want this” then our problems get worse.

Perhaps consider this for your week ahead…

– Pretend that you are okay with the way things are, regardless of what your mind says. Focus on building from wherever you are. Accept it. Look for the opportunities that always come from “Yes and…”

Where can you apply that mindset this week?



P.S. I was recording some video recently, when someone with a Kango Hammer interrupted proceedings. My camera-man, Alan, made it into a video… For some light relief, and a live example of ‘things going wrong’, you can see how it unfolded here. 🙂

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