Will Smith’s thoughts on success in Life


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  “So live that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell
the family parrot to the town gossip.
– Will Smith, Actor & Entertainer
A very successful actor and musician, Will seems to have more depth to him
than the average entertainer.  Here’s what he shared with Jay Leno on the tonight
show, about his ‘Keys To Life’:
Runnin’ & Reading:Key to Life #1 – Running:

When you’re running and that voice in your head that
starts saying to you, “slow down, your ankles are hurting”,
tries to get you to stop,
that’s when you keep on running and breakthrough.
When you learn to defeat that person inside that tries
to get you to stop, you can defeat anything that stands in front of you.
Anything that’s blocking your way toward your true purpose, destination and goal.

Key to Life #2 – Reading

Millions of people that have lived before us have
solved the same problems that you’re experiencing today.
And many of them wrote down what they learned and discovered in books.
Those books are available to all of us, to tap into and
gain that accelerated knowledge and use it to our advantage.
Any problem we may face – can be found in a book somewhere along
with the solution to that problem.
As we start a new year, these
are a couple of simple points to bear in mind.
Food for thought…