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“I always trust my instinct.   Every time I don’t trust my instinct I go wrong.”
– Shaa Wasmund
Shaa Wasmund is a British business woman who has many strings to her bow some of which include:

    •    Setting up the travel website, Deckchair, with Bob Geldof
    •    Managing the PR that put Dyson on the map
    •    Founding Bright Station Ventures, a VC with $100 million investment capital
    •    #1 Best-Selling book in WH Smith for 14 months, ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’.

I had the good fortune to spend some time with Shaa over the weekend and pick her brains.  The above quote was one of the things she was very strong on.

And it’s something I’ve heard from the most successful clients.Instinct = Gut Feeling = Vibes.

But there’s one factor that I think a lot of people miss.   Your instinct is influenced by the amount of work or preparation you put in.

What I mean is, the more you really work at your area (i.e. research, planning, action) the sharper your instinct gets.

It’s very clear, for example, that Shaa really works (i.e. very detailed)at the projects she’s involved in. So this week, maybe it’s time to really trust your instinct in a key area? i.e. one that you know very well.

Or maybe it’s time to do a little more work, and then defer to your instinct? Either way, maybe your ‘Gut’ should be trusted a litte more..

Food for thought!