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Begorrah Ireland: Saoirse Ronan, SNL and Aer Lingus

On Saturday night in New York, the very talented actress Saoirse Ronan, hosted the very successful comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Ronan is an actress I hugely respect and SNL is a show I enjoy.

But they got one of the sketches horribly wrong on Saturday.

It revolved around 2 Aer Lingus flight attendants who proceeded to throw out every Irish cliche in the book – Oscar Wilde, potatoes, Aran Jumpers and a new one….our love of dogs. (Doesn’t everyone love dogs?)

It’s hard to get a funny sketch right – really hard. But this one was soooooo wrong – especially if you’re Irish. Why?

Because the Ireland they showed doesn’t exist.

And I’m not sure it ever existed – except in the movies The Quiet Man or Darby O’Gill And The Little People.

It’s not the end of the world but it does highlight a problem I think is relevant.

People can live in the past and think it’s true.

With a sketch show, we will all move on. But what if you have that mindset for your career, business or life?

For example, you might be operating under one or all of these assumptions:

  • I’ve failed before so I won’t succeed in the future
  • I’ve never been the leader so I can’t be
  • No-one in my family has ever succeeded at the levels of dream of, so I can’t.
  • We have failed before so we will fail again
  • That’s who I am, and I can’t change it
  • Why can’t it be back to the good old days?

The past is gone but for many it still lives on, influencing lives and organisations. Usually in limiting ways.

I remember a business owner telling me he was worried he was destined to be a failure – this was as he was facing into the possibility of closing his business.

I said to him “Everything up to this moment is the past. You can decide to change things and your story from this point forward.”

And he did – for the better.

What about your past can you challenge or change?

And if you’re one of the writers on the SNL show reading this, I love your show but please come to Ireland and get a taste of the real version…

I’m just not sure Aer Lingus will take you…..:)



ps – Here is the SNL sketch if you haven’t seen it.



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