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Is Every Goal Worth It?

“The risk I took was calculated,

but man am I bad at maths.”

I’ve long been an admirer of people who have chosen to climb mountains.

I get the sense of adventure and achievement. Of building skills, of overcoming hardship and obstacles and developing the mental and physical strength needed to first, successfully summit and then, to come down the mountain.

But I’d never do it myself.


Because for me, the risk is too high.

The probability of something going wrong seems high. And the seriousness of it if it does go wrong is usually catastrophic.

The recent deaths of climbers on Mount Everest (including 2 Irish people) is certainly worthy of pausing to reflect.

Is every goal worth it?

If the risk is seriously high, is it worth considering changing your goal to something less threatening?

Surely we need to consider, in advance, the consequences of what we are about to pursue?

Our egos may enjoy the idea of achieving something remarkable – but often we don’t fully consider the unintended consequences of our decisions. And usually that has major effects on the people connected to us.

We don’t need to climb mountains to risk it all.

I know many who risk their health, their relationships and indeed their organisations with a lack of thought around these questions: What are the risks? And is it worth it?

To succeed we have to risk, but the best I know, are the best risk managers

– In business and in life.


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