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Liverpool’s Win – The Pain & Inspiration

“I want to be the coach I would have liked

to have had as a player.”

– Jurgen Klopp

Last Thursday something happened that brought a lot of joy to some of my friends and clients.

Liverpool became the champions of England’s Premier League soccer competition for the first time in 30 years.

For them it has been the longest of waits.

Bear with me even if you’re not a soccer fan and regardless of where you are in the world reading this, you probably have heard of Liverpool and their long-standing rivals, Man United – the club I follow.

Regardless of my own affiliations and my disappointment of their performance, I admire and respect this Liverpool team because they play superb football, have great players and are a phenomenal team.

And the spirit of that team has been supported by a great club and loyal supporters – but it has all come together under the watch of their charismatic manager, Jurgen Klopp.

The above quote says a huge amount about the man and also is something for other people to aspire to – especially if you’re ambitious about being better in your career and life.

If you flip it into a question, it brings extra power:

What do I need to do to become more like the _______ (e.g. leader/coach/professional/parent) I would have like to have had?

When you think like this, something extra comes into your work and life – something that drives being better.

And even if you’re not into soccer, that surely is a question worth considering?


PS – Congrats to my friends and clients. Enjoy it though because Man U are coming for you next season! 😉

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