Going Beyond Your Edge

"It is only by risking our persons from one hour to the next that we live at all.”


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“It is only by risking our persons from one hour to the next that we live at all.” 

— William James 

James is regarded as one of the most influential psychologists in the Western World.

His quote is a subtle reminder of a challenge we all face – The courage to step out from our
preconceived ways of looking at ourselves and the world.

Most people reading this email won’t have to deal with life-threatening risk on a daily basis.
But how many of us refuse to step out of our comfort zone because of some irrational fear
that we will be ‘damaged’?

Your ego can be hurt but it always recovers.

Where is the real risk in these?

– Exploring that new idea or business venture

– Moving away from a ‘dead’ relationship

– Apologising for a mistake…

– Calling someone out for poor behaviour (in your personal or professional life)

– Speaking up at the next meeting and saying what you really think

– Signing up to learn something new

– Really listening to understand someone else’s point of view

– Changing what you’re doing to work or live in a different way

– Asking for help!

People talk about taking calculated risk in business, yet can be blind to the risk of not
challenging themselves daily. And by ignoring that, risk the most valuable thing of all – living
to our fullest potential.

No matter how good you are, you have an edge – which is the limit of your comfort zone.

You know where your edge is.

Maybe today and this week, is the time to move beyond it?


Evening Talk on 28th March in Dublin (last tickets available):

Many years ago someone asked me a question that looking back, completely changed
everything for me – in a good way.

The question was:

What do you think has the biggest impact on your success and enjoyment in life?

At the time I gave a different answer to the one I do today.

As I write this, I have 25 years experience across 50 industries, and the past 16 have been
working with people to achieve their goals (often dreams).

I realise that there are many things that impact on your success. Skills, knowledge,
communication, learning, people, mentors, courage, timing, the market and so on.

But in my experience if one thing isn’t right, nothing else will really work.

And if it isn’t right you definitely can’t fully enjoy your success if and when it comes.

To me the answer to the above question, is your mind. 

If you’re a regular reader of my weekly mails, you’ll know that I’m a big believe in the
power of your mind. That’s because I’ve seen first hand in my own life and that of the people
I work with (in business, life and sport) what amazing things can happen when you get your
mind in the right zone. And also the dangerous things that can happen when it isn’t.

I also believe the area of the mind is hugely mis-understood and over-complicated.

Yet we do need to understand it because it’s key to enjoying real success on our terms.

  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Peace of Mind
  • Sport
  • Health
  • Enjoyment
  • Creativity and Innovation


I’m holding a talk in Dublin on Tuesday the 28th March titled ‘State Of Mind –
Understanding The Key To Better Results And A Better Life’.

It’ll be 90 minutes of insights and transformative learnings that will make a very positive
impact on anyone who attends. All details and booking facility here. Tickets only €27.
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