Adversity, Failure and Heartache…


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“Every adversity, every failure,
every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.”
– Napoleon Hill, Author of ‘Think & Grow Rich’

I remember a mentor of mine asking me what I considered to be a silly
question in my early 20’s.

“When do you learn most Shane – when you’re happy and relaxed or
when you’re being challenged?”

“When you’re happy and relaxed”, I replied quickly. (& naively…)

“Why is that?”, he countered.

“I guess because when you’re happy and relaxed you can study things
properly.”, I said.

“I wonder are you confusing reading and memorising with actual learning?”

Of course, he was right.  That is exactly what I was doing.
He went on to explain that some of the greatest gifts we ever receive as human beings are through adversity, failure and heartache.

But only if we’re open to taking the lesson.

Napoleon Hill’s quote, in my experience is true. And a reminder that
if you find yourself in choppy waters (which we all do…)
there is the seed of something equally or perhaps more positive
waiting for you.

The test is to stay with it and be patient.

Because it’s usually only on reflection that you recognise the gift
has already been delivered.