How much value are you adding?


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 “Do your job and demand your compensation…
but in that order.”
~ Cary Grant (British-American film and stage actor)

Some people won’t like me writing this.

Having spent over 14 years working directly with business owners,
entrepreneurs and senior executives one observation has been
that most people demand more compensation than the value they’re giving.

And often, they can get disillusioned and fed-up when they don’t get the pay they
want or feel they deserve.

Without a doubt, there is a small % that don’t get the compensation they
deserve but in my experience they are in the minority.

When you are great at your job, it’s usually recognised and the key
is to deliver results and value – and be able to show it.

The majority demand compensation regardless of what kind of
job they do.  That model is not sustainable any more and you will be at risk
if you stay with it.

What are the results you’re expected to deliver?

Deliver them.  Consistently.

Then add more value.  Better for the business, better for you, better for the country.

Then the compensation looks after itself.