Lessons Learned – Week Ending 7th October 2012


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Here are some interesting lessons and insights taken from myself and also clients over the past week:

  1. If your vision is cloudy it’s important to stop overthinking it. Clarity of vision comes out of clarity of mind. So the key is first of all to clear your mind in the absence of any vision.  Turbulence is everywhere at the moment and looks set to continue, but it is possible to maintain a calm centre within yourself which will help navigate through the turbulence. This is going to be a key skill going forward in business and life.
  2. Change your environment and you automatically change the quality of your thinking (just remember that could be up or down depending on the quality of your environment).
  3. When you change how you see people and/or your circumstances everything changes.
  4. Incremental change consistently done is hugely powerful.
  5. Managing your time well is more to do with managing your head and energy well.
  6. If you’re off physically, it is very difficult to be on mentally.
  7. When you accept the worst case scenario it frees up your mind to really get on with things.
  8. Worrying repeatedly is really just a waste of useful energy.
  9. Smart and clever people can get caught out. The most important thing though is that they learn the lesson, accept where they are and get back up on the horse.
  10. Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous exercise. What is more important is to ask yourself are you measuring up to your own standard?