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“Too much Monday, not enough coffee." 


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“Too much Monday, not enough coffee.”

– Bumper Sticker

My wife, Judy, tells me that I can be fussy. (My counter argument is that’s why we’re together…)

And when it comes to coffee I can be particularly so. My current preference is a ‘short’ Americano with some pouring cream.

50% of the time cafes don’t have cream and typically that’s where it ends. And I don’t go back but they don’t know why.

But recently I was in Bear Market Cafe Co. in Blackrock, Dublin where I asked for my usual. The staff member told me they had no cream but the manager was behind me listening.

He asked me to wait and he disappeared out the front door of the store, only to re-appear 4 minutes later with some pouring cream.

He’d gone to the shop next door to buy some.

As a result, I have visited the cafe a couple of time since – and they now have cream at the ready.

Simple but rarely done.

I recall entrepreneur and educator Keith Cunningham sharing that business was relatively simple:

1. Find Out What They Want (FOWTW)

2. Go And Get It (GAGI)

3. Give It To Them (GITT)

A lot of businesses can over-complicate the process. But when you find out what I want, get it and then give it to me, you are standing out.

I’ve never had any cafe do the above for me, and because of it, unlike the other cafes, I will go back again.

Are you really listening to what your customers want? And want today?

And are you willing to make yourself uncomfortable to go and get it?

Where can you simplify the process?

And I also think the same thing applies to you if you’re leading people – are you bothered to find out what they really want?

The challenge in all scenarios is to first be willing to listen and in an increasingly noisy world those who take the time to tune into ‘fussy’ requests will gain an edge.

Food for thought.



ps – If you’ve never had pouring cream with your coffee, try it. I am starting a movement…:)

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