9 Ways To Improve Your Clarity


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“Clarity = Power”
 – Keith Cunningham

In today’s business world, Clarity is the ultimate weapon.

Accelerating change can create clouds of confusion for many.
Leadership is all about vision – knowing what you want to create.

Most people don’t have a vision and that’s why they can be literally
‘hypnotized’ by someone who does.

And clarity precedes your decisions.

How clear are you?

If clarity is lacking, here’s 9 ways to improve it::

1.  Stop.  Get away from work or what you’re trying to find clarity in.  Paradoxically,
when you step back from it, you can often create space for clarity to come in.
That’s one of the reasons by hobbies are so useful – they help you switch off and see things differently.

2. Write it down.  Having it all in your head can be like stirring a bucket of water with sand in it.
By writing it down you get it out of your head and that alone can often give the sand a chance to settle, so that you can see.

3. Change location.  It might sound strange but taking yourself to a new location and thinking about the same problem can be enough to get a solution or clarity.  Coffee shops are my favorite places for clarity and creativity.

4. Say ‘No’ more often.  Most leaders have too much on their agendas.  Saying no more to even good opportunities, leaves space for the great ones.  When you have less on your plate, clarity emerges.

5. Hire a coach.  Some people can force you into clarity.   I guess that’s why some of my clients use me.

6. Get clear on who you are – both the business and you.  When you are clear on your values as a person and company, it’s easier to know what to focus on.

7. Walk in the present moment.  One of my favorite ways to gain clarity is to go for a slow walk where I completely drop what i was thinking about and give my full attention to what I’m experiencing during the walk.

8. Get to where the air is good.  I’ve definitely noticed a link between my quality of thinking and the quality of the air in my environment.  Especially noticeable in a beautiful forest, in the mountains and also definitely by the sea.

9. Rest.  This links to number 1 also. A lot of confusion is caused from physical and mental exhaustion.  Be aware enough to listen to your body – your mind may want to keep working but sometimes resting yourself completely (i.e. phone and email off!) is the best tonic for your mind and by default your clarity.
Food for thought.