The Power Of Wrong Thinking (James Dyson)


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Here’s your shot of inspiration this week:

“I love this idea of wrong thinking–of encouraging people who have ideas to go see if they work and not dismissing them just because they sound like the wrong solution.  No-one has the right answer at the beginning. I made 5,127 prototypes of the bagless vacuum before I got it right.”

– James Dyson, Founder and CEO Dyson

This quote reminds me of another great inventor, Edison, and of his famous comment of not failing 10,000 times but finding 10,000 ways it didn’t work before he found the one that did. What would our lives be like if we were encouraged to make more mistakes,to try new ways of doing things, knowing that the first way is unlikely to work?

Is this not one of the ways that innovation works?

Can you apply this wisdom to any area of your work or life right now?

•    The target you’ve given up on…
•    The key result you’ve been trying to get for ages…
•    The new business structure you have in mind…
•    The relationship that just seems to be going south…
•    The idea that you’d love to do but can’t seem to make work…
•    The health that you think just won’t improve…
We all know there are countless arguments against the above.  All logical.

But what about the 5,128th go?

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