An Insight From Jay-Z


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“Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.”
– Jay Z

A very successful music artist, Jay Z has also shown himself to be a clever business person.

Whatever your views of him, he has certainly shown an ability to achieve his goals.

And his insight above is so simple it’s easily glossed over. When it comes to your top priorities it’s important to have a number that shows where you’re really at.

People do lie. Often without realising it. Often for self-preservation.  And often because they’re too busy doing work to stop and measure their progress.

 A number, if it’s the right one, gives you a reality check. And it helps you figure out what really works.

So whatever your top priority is, ask yourself what’s the top number associated with it? (not multiple numbers, but the top number). And make sure you measure it and look at it regularly.

Maybe it’s not sales, but the number of genuine sales meetings/calls (based on a % conversion)…

Maybe it’s not what you think about your service/product but your customer’s view /10…

Maybe it’s not your diet, but your waist-line…

Maybe it’s not a finished book but 500 words per day…

Maybe it’s not how I see my relationship, but my wife’s score for it /10… (dangerous one….:)  )

You get the picture.  It might take some thinking to figure out the right number to track.  But it’s worth it.
So what’s your number?

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