Getting Paid More


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“When you do more than you’re paid for eventually you’ll be paid for more than what you do.” 
– Zig Ziglar 

The best that I know in all fields have the above statement as one of their core values. 

It’s part of who they are.  And they are the most valued in whatever organisation they find themselves. 

Most people think they have it as a quality but usually they don’t. Because it’s not about working long hours.  Or being busy. 

More and more, I see people being busy but not being productive. And increasingly people feel that if they’re busy then they must be doing more than they’re paid for.  Yet often they are not even doing that!

Doing more than you’re paid for means getting results that matter. And that comes down to really thinking about how to make things better, faster, more valuable. 

And when you do that, you win because ultimately you become smarter, more productive and have more to offer – and that value stands out to the people that are looking for it. 

Definitely food for thought.