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“Can you tell me what that job does for the world?”

– Question asked by Shimon Peres (President of Israel) to Shai Agassi, who founded ‘Better Place’ because of it.

You may not have heard of Shai Agassi. But it’s certain you’re going to avail of his vision. Shai is the man who has become the catalyst for the car industry to advance their developments in electric car technology. He got the support of Nissan/Renault and an indicator of things to come is that the Nissan Leaf last week won the 2010 European Car of the Year.

Shai openly admits that he never intended to be CEO of Better Place. It wasn’t in his ‘personal vision’. He believes that it found him. (But only because he was very clear on his values as a person) He had a very good job with a massive international company, SAP, and was indeed being groomed to be their next CEO. Then he jumped ship to set up a company to ‘change the world’. And all because of the question above. Shimon Peres challenged Shai Agassi about his job in SAP. Would it have the same impact on his country and the planet? For him the answer was no. What a great question.

Here’s another one. ‘How can I make my job/business different so that it improves my country? So that it improves our world?’ These are the kinds of questions that will generate thinking to improve everything for everyone. If you’d like to see Shai Agassi being interviewed about his business and mindset, then follow this link Shai Agassi Interview

Food for thought.

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Shane ps – Thanks to Thurston Pym of www.educogym.com for sending on the interview.

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