Keep Your Goals Low in 2011


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Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration to kick off 2011:

“As far as I can see, the art to a successful and fulfilling life is figuring out what the rocks in the jar are, and then making sure you ruthlessly get them into the jar daily before the gravel and sand have a chance.”

– Shane Cradock (a chancer from Ireland)

Yes, I decided to give myself the first quote of the year. If you’ve been following my emails for a while you should know the fantastic story about the ‘Rocks In The Jar’.

Just in case you haven’t, I’ve attached a pdf of the story here. Feel free to pass it on, as it’s a very simple story with a very powerful message that I really believe needs to be heard by many.

Why did I say ‘keep your goals low in 2011’? I don’t mean the scale or size of your ambition.  I mean the number of TOP GOALS/PRIORITIES you decide on for this year.

In my experience, many people can write down lists and lists of ‘things’ they will do and achieve for the year ahead.

While there’s no harm in this, it usually results in getting distracted by ‘low priority’ stuff that really doesn’t have a major impact.

My advice is to ‘force yourself’ to prioritise the top 5 Goals/Priorities that would be great to have happened come 31 December this year. These are your rocks – and remember, the rocks take up at least 80% of the jar i.e. they make the biggest overall impact.

Possible categories to choose your ‘rocks’ from are:

– Business Financial Target

– Personal Financial Target

– Learning goal

– Health goal

– Enjoyment goal

– Contribution

– Relationships

– Family

Today is the 4th Jan.  Please do yourself a favour and take some time out by the 9th Jan to really ‘think’ about your REAL priorities

for the next 12 months. We all know that the year will take off pretty quickly.  Wouldn’t it be great to be ‘crystal clear’ on your top Rocks?

You might even do what some of my clients have done and draw a simple graphic of a jar with 5 rocks.  Write down your 5 top Goals/Priorities where the rocks are and prioritise them. Then use this as a visual aid to DAILY remind you of what your top focus areas are.

Whatever you do, I wish that this year is your best year yet.

Warm Regards,