Are You Waiting For The Time To Be Right?


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“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.”
– Win Borden

Many people never take that leap of faith until they’re forced to do it…

They lose their job.
They lose their business.
They lose their health.
They lose their relationship.
They lose a significant opportunity.

Then, they’re forced into action.   I have fallen into that trap often myself.   Yet I realise more and more that there never is a ‘right time’.

One of the most powerful lessons I learned over the past few years was when a good friend challenged me to ‘just write’ a stage play that I’d been talking about for years.  But I was waiting for the ‘right time’.

And because she forced me to make a decision, I managed to somehow get it done.  During what was the busiest time of my life.  And in 10 days that play opens.  And my experience tells me that everyone reading this has
something you are putting on the long finger…waiting for the time to be ‘right’.

I wonder could you just get started on it this week?  It could be something to do with your work.  Or maybe on the personal side.
 Whatever it is, what’s the one step you could take to move into it? Because take it from me, the time will never be right for whatever it is.