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“The strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.”
– Rona Barrett, columnist and businesswoman.

My business is all about helping businesses and individuals  achieve their goals and every Monday, I send out this weekly email
in the hope that it gives you a little inspiration to you for the week ahead  and maybe even beyond that.

Last June I told you I told you about a personal goal of mine – to write a full length inspirational play and have it professionally
produced on stage.

Despite the odds, through huge effort, support through crowd funding (Thank you again wholeheartedly to everyone that supported this)  and sheer determination – It is finally happening …

And I am proud to say that ‘The Waiting Room’ will be running for three nights, 13th-15th February in the Civic Theatre.

Last week, the team of professional actors went into full time rehearsals.    With recognisable faces from Irish television shows such as Fair City,  Raw, The Clinic to name a few.  It is incredible to see it actually come to life,  and makes all the effort to get it to this stage, worthwhile!!

Only one more final hurdle to jump, the biggest one of all…to fill the theatre for the three nights !

So this is where I come to you….as I really need your support!

A feel good comedy, The Waiting Room is a contemporary story of Mick,  living a very uneventful life,  when something incredible happens that turns his life  and the way he views it – upside down.

Juggling themes of life, love and second chances, it should have you leaving the theatre, having laughed a lot and
with a spring in your step.  The perfect antidote to the January blues…:)

And best of all, I believe the play will make a positive impact on anyone who sees it.

So please join me on one of the nights and pick up the phone  to the Civic on 01-4627477 or book online www.civictheatre.ie.

It’s on in less than three weeks so book now and if you’re coming along,  I’d be grateful if you’d tell others you are and encourage them to do the same.  As you know word of mouth is everything.

You can connect with us on Facebook and share our page with others: https://www.facebook.com/thewaitingroomplay?ref=hl

I really hope to see you there.  And thanks again to all of you who have helped so far in making this happen.