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“Exceptional people really do come to believe that the journey is more important than the destination.” - Dr. Bob Rotella


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“Exceptional people really do come to believe that
the journey is more important than the destination.”
– Dr. Bob Rotella

Last week I had the great opportunity to listen to master sports psychologist
Bob Rotella, share some of his insights from his work with
champions all over the globe.

He was a guest speaker at an event in Dublin organised by Padraig Harrington’s brother,
Tadgh.  Harrington credits Rotella as being the main factor in helping him win his majors.

Some insights shared:

•    You must win in your mind first, before you can ever really win.
•    Real, unending commitment is essential to becoming a champion.
•    Learning to really be in the present moment is THE skill of a champion.
•    Optimism is an essential skill that can be learned.
•    Even the best have their confidence and belief in themselves tested.
•    Be more attached to the process than the outcome.
•    Adapt calmly to whatever arises in the moment.
•    Build support around you in genuine, loving relationships.
•    Remember, it’s only a game!  Don’t take it too seriously.
•    Be your own cheerleader.

What struck me after the 4 hour seminar was how similar the mental skills he teaches to
sports champions apply to business and general living.

The mental strategies and techniques that are being taught to today’s Olympians
and sports stars are just as relevant to an entrepreneur or senior executive striving to
achieve excellence in their business or life.
Maybe pick 1 from the list above to focus on this week…


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