Going For Gold

“When I feel tired, I think about how great it will feel once I finally reach my goal.” - Michael Phelps


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“When I feel tired, I think about how great it will feel
once I finally reach my goal.”
– Michael Phelps

Later this week the Rio Olympics begin and the dreams of some
elite athletes will be fulfilled over the coming month.

But we can all for gold even if we’re not competing in Rio.

Going for gold is about striving for the best in everything we
do and to get better with each passing day.

Going for gold for you could be:

*Working without interruption (i.e. no email, phone, people etc.)
for the next hour on something strategically important

*Giving your absolute best to your customers this week

*Working on your skills in your profession (sales, communication,
time mgmt, mind mgmt etc.)

*Striving to be present to your family

*Striving to be present in meetings! (And not half-watching your
phone, or thinking about lunch…)

*Changing your approach to finally fixing an injury

*Identifying just 3 key priorities to be done every day, and ensuring
they are done

*Getting the absolute best out of the next hour planned

*Giving attention to whatever is the 1 thing that will make the biggest
difference to you this month

Winning is a great feeling.  It breeds a desire to win more, which
drives improvement.

And even if we don’t win immediately, it means we’re getting better –
which increase our chances of winning more in the future.

Anyone can bring the winning feeling into their day.  Without it,
our results will never be what they could be.

And we don’t have to leave that feeling just for the Olympians.

‘Going for gold’ is a mindset we can use in our businesses and lives.


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