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Being Notorious

“I’ve always been a day-by-day person.
I always say that when you’re (making the choice between)
a bottle of water or a bottle of coke, you’re
forming your future self.

I’ve always liked that scene in Back To The Future
where (Marty) has the photo of his parents and, if his decisions
are bad, the image starts to fade, and if his decisions are good,
it gets stronger.”

John Kavanagh, MMA Coach To Conor McGregor
(taken from an interview with Paul Kimmage)

You may or may not like Conor McGregor or his sport.

But no-one can deny his achievements, his dedication or his charisma.

As his coach, John Kavanagh has been the man who has helped him get to the top
of his field.

The above quote gives an insight into perhaps the most simple
of principles to creating a better career or life – that every choice today
impacts on your future self.

I wonder if we could see a photo of our future selves now, would that
impact on our choices today?

What we do, what we eat, what we watch, who we spend time with
and maybe most importantly what we think.

Maybe a useful starting point is to create the picture we want to see
in our minds and use that as a filter for our choices today.

We could also do that for our future world…


Thrive – How To Do It In A World That’s Changing Faster Than Ever
I gave a talk recently on the above topic. If you’re interested, you can get a recording
of it here.   (You can watch or download as an audio)

Things covered in the talk:
•    How to improve your clarity and results
•    Powerful steps to improve your level of energy and state of mind
•    Why you can be ‘successful’ but still be miserable in life
•    Why information is not power
•    How to overcome self-doubt and build confidence
•    Why you have more control over your happiness than you realise
•    Why you can’t always trust your mind
•    How to inspire yourself in a meaningful way

If not for you, it could be a useful and inspiring gift for a friend, colleague or family

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