Feel Like A Rant? – Advice From Top Female CEO

"I believe a problem shared, is a problem delegated." - Percival, cartoonist and humouri


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“I believe a problem shared,
is a problem delegated.”

– Percival, cartoonist and humourist

Alison Brittain is a rare thing in British Business.

As CEO of the Whitbread group (which owns Costa Coffee and Premier Inns)
she is one of only seven female CEO’s in the FTSE 100 companies.

Last week she told the Financial Times ‘Women @ The Top’ Summit
some of her experience, which I think applies to men as well.

In fact it applies to anyone striving to create and lead in The Digital Age:

Three Take-Aways:

1. Seek to develop your emotional intelligence.

IQ is a given for any CEO.  But combing that with empathy allows you to
become a more effective leader.   Look to work on it by communicating more
– key to that is listening more.

2. To be CEO, you have to be very afraid.

This is the opposite of what most will say or admit, but it reflects an unusual honesty.
The best CEOs I know will admit that learning to live with fear is essential
in these times of uncertainty and disruption.

And my personal favourite…

3. Have A Monthly Rant:

Give yourself a safe place every month to have a rant
– For her, it’s with an external mentor.
This one made me laugh, because I know that I provide that space for many of
my clients.

We all need a place to let off steam in a safe, non-judgemental and
constructive  environment.  Otherwise internal pressure can build up which if
unreleased will come out in destructive ways within our businesses and lives.


In regard to the Monthly Rant…

How do you get your release?

Who can you have a monthly rant with? (but don’t over do it!)

If you have a safe place to rant, great.

If not, how can you create it?



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