Branson And Asking For Help


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“We all make silly mistakes from time to time, but the bottom line is that entrepreneurs should seek input from the start.
 You will need advice on how to improve your business, beginning on the first day, and throughout the rest of your career.”
– Richard Branson
I asked a new client recently why she had picked up the phone to arrange a meeting.  She said ‘I finally realised I needed help’. She followed this up by suggesting that my biggest challenge was getting people to realise they needed help.  Which got me to thinking about this question, ‘How do you know when you need help?’
Branson’s quote above gives you a hint at the answer that came to me.  You always need help.  All of us.  And if you think you don’t, that’s the biggest problem.  And don’t get distracted with the ‘entrepreneurs’ word in the quote.  To me an entrepreneur applies to anyone looking to really improve their lot – it’s a mindset, a way of working.
No matter how smart you may be, there are blind-spots everywhere.  Making it your business to have trusted advisors, mentors and coaches around you is a sign of strength not weakness.  So here’s something to consider for this week:  What’s the number 1 area you want to improve right now? Once identified, ask yourself, ‘Who can I find to help me?’.  Then track them down and get their input.