Bringing Your Best Vs. Doing Your Best

"Doing your best means never stop trying." - Benjamin Franklin Even the best have their bad days.


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“Doing your best means never stop trying.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Even the best have their bad days.

That’s something I’ve learned over the past 16 years of working
with some pretty remarkable people.

And one of the traits the best have is that even when the chips
are down, they consistently ‘bring their best’.

Doing your best means doing the best you can – but it is often
dependant on how you feel in that moment.

For example, if I’m tired, cranky and in a bad mood – my best in
this context is maybe 10% of my normal,

Bringing your best means putting in the work to ensure you’re at your best,
more often.

Examples of bringing your best might include:

– Dropping your personal/personality problems and doing your work
– Delivering the results you’re paid for in work and business
– Consistenty looking for ways to add value in what you do
– Working to build breakthrough relationships with your customers and key stakeholders
– Looking after your wellbeing: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical
– Continuous learning
– Putting time into your most important relationships
– Investing in self-discovery

‘Doing your best’ is constrained by unconscious limitations
i.e. ‘I’m doing as much as I can in the current circumstances.’

‘Bringing your best’  implies continuously looking to break through
unseen limitations. i.e. I’m working to get better all the time regardless of circumstances.

What can you do this week to put more of the foundations in place
to ‘bring your best’ going forwards?


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