Busy Standing Still (Why Traditional Time Mgmt Is Dead)

“Time is non-refundable. Use it with intention.”


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“Time is non-refundable. 
Use it with intention.” 

I remember sitting with a client (an entrepreneur) and one of his team in a challenging

The employee was exasperated. 
“I don’t know what more you want from me. I’m doing everything I can.” 
It was the equivalent of Star Trek’s Mr. Scottie’s ‘I’m giving her everything I can Captain!’. 

The issue was that despite the person being busy and working long days they weren’t
achieving the results expected. 

On the face of it this smart person was organised, a good planner and very efficient.

But from just a little digging, it became very clear that they were unconsciously using being
busy as an excuse for doing the work that really mattered. As a result they lacked real clarity
on what mattered most and were on the way to burning out due to the way they were

By ‘normal’ standards she was good at her time management, but by today’s standards she
was failing at getting the results expected – and at the same time her quality of life was

The challenge for this person and for most in today’s world, is that being busy is the easy

But it’s a recipe for major trouble professionally and personally. 

Today we need to exert more conscious control over where we put our attention. 

That requires 2 things: 

1. A clear and energised state of mind

2. Consistent review of your top desired outcomes

I say to clients at the very least, always remember these 3 numbers. 

5 – 3 – 1 

5 = What are you top 5 outcomes in order of importance this week? (Make sure they’re
aligned with your team/organisation) That’s the game to play i.e. get those done. ( You can
extend to annual, quarterly and monthly outcomes also) 

3 = What are my/our top 3 most important outcomes for today? That’s the game to play 

1 = What’s my/our number 1 outcome for this year? 

Do 1 thing on that every day because momentum is everything and the time will never be
‘right’ to work on it. 

Simple to say. Not so simple to consistently do. 

But like the entrepreneur and employee above, if done, things can radically and positively
turn around for the better. 


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