United Airlines And Stepping Up

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil 
is for good men to do nothing.” 
-Edmund Burke

I recall reading some research about people not reporting a sounding alarm on their road. 

Basically, the researchers found that the majority of people assumed that ’someone else’
would make the call to report it, or indeed go investigate. But the reality was that very few
people called in the alarms and the burglars grew to know this and thus would take a little bit
longer to ransack a home. 

People are outraged at the shocking handling of the passenger on the United Airlines flight
last week. But what struck me on watching one of the videos on the flight was how no-one
stood up to say it was wrong and try to stop it. (One person voiced her disapproval but that
seemed to be it). 

If a few people had stood up together, perhaps the outcome would have been different? 

Perhaps the airline would have backed down? 

More and more I see instances of good people doing nothing. And maybe it’s because they’re
waiting for ‘someone else’ to do something. 

But what would happen if we changed our assumption to one where ‘someone else’ isn’t
making the call? 

What if someone else doesn’t see the opportunity you do?

What if someone else doesn’t see the problem or solution the way you do?

What if someone else is afraid of saying what you know needs to be said or done? 

There is probably an alarm ringing around you somewhere.

Maybe it’s time to step up….? 


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