What You Can Learn From Trump – No, Seriously.

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” - Donald Trump


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“I like thinking big.
If you’re going to be thinking anything,
you might as well think big.”
– Donald Trump

“Sheer persistence is the difference between success 
and failure.”
– Donald Trump

It seems appropriate to give the theme of this week’s mail to ‘The Donald’.

Tonight, the first of three debates take place with Hillary Clinton,
in what looks like being one of the most watched events in a long time.

I was at a dinner in early 2015 when the subject of who
was entering the Republican Presidential nomination race came up.

16 candidates and one of them was the business man Donald Trump.

I remember several people being shocked at me when
I said that my bet was he’d be the one to secure the GOP nomination.

[Just to be clear, I don’t agree with any of his policies (whatever they actually are)
or the inciteful, divisive language he often uses.]

The reason for my bet was because of what I’d heard 20 years previous
at a seminar on goal achievement and the mind.

One of the people studied at the seminar was a guy I’d never heard of – Donald

But he was put forward by the trainer as someone who had a proven ability to
imagine something impossible and then make it happen. In particular, he was
someone who had a ‘masters’ ability at selling and influencing people.

It wasn’t a study in being a decent human being – it was a study in achievement.

And it taught me a lot.

The thing is you can be like Trump without actually being like him.


Think bigger – but do it for us all, not just a select few.

Be persistent – keep going with your big goals.

Ignore the doubt – The best have doubt, but they learn to ignore it and take action.

I remember a friend saying to me that the problem with the world
is that people of sound character and judgement remain silent
and doubtful while people of questionable character are loud and full of belief.

Maybe the best thing Trump can inspire is to activate
the people of sound character.

If he can do what he’s done to date, why can’t you do ‘your impossible’?

The trick is to start, ignore the doubt and keep going.



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