Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.” William James


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The greatest discovery of my generation 
is that a human being can alter 
his life by altering his attitudes of mind.” 
William James

If things are ‘going wrong’ or not going the way you want
in one area of your work or life,
consider using a mirror. 

Most people won’t…but the solution to the problem is usually there. 

How you think about a situation or challenge determines how 
you feel about it.  How you feel about it determines what you do or don’t do about it.

I’m continuously amazed at how when we change our attitude/thinking to a situation
(even if we think we’re right), the situation changes.

You could, for example, be in the exact same situation as you are now 
and feel and think very differently about it. 


Look at what you’re thinking/saying to yourself i.e. your attitude. 

The problem is that we are so convinced we’re right because 
we’re thinking it. 

But if things are very difficult and not going the way you want, 
maybe it’s time to do the really brave thing, and look in the mirror. 

The good news is that once you’re open to it,
changing your attitude only requires a change in 

The bad news is that most people won’t think this applies to them.


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