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“When you are working, work. When you’re at home, be at home. When you’re with your family be with your family. Give everything 100% “.

– John Boyle, CEO and founder of BoyleSports.com

I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with John Boyle last week.

(Yes, this is me name dropping….)

He said the above during our conversation and I thought it was worth writing about here.   John has managed to grow a business he started from a little acorn to one that now generates hundreds of millions in sales every year.   So I guess, he’s earned the right to command some respect in business.

But what’s interesting about John is that he really values all aspects of his life. He goes to the gym every day, does daily relaxation/meditation, watches what he eats and gives the impression of someone who really appreciates what he has – on all levels.

I think the above quote gives an insight into his success. It’s said that a genius is someone who has cultivated the art of high attention on a given subject.  John’s quote suggests that he really focuses his attention. I believe the average person is never fully where they are. They may be sitting at their desk and computer but their mind is somewhere else – On their relationships, gossip, what they’ll have for lunch. Think about it yourself.  When you’re with someone, how often are you ‘really’ there?  Where you drop all of your thoughts and opinions and just listen to them.

I also believe that how most use the miracle of technology ‘hurts’ that capacity for attention.  Constantly looking at emails, checking voice messages are very distracting for our minds and have to hurt our productivity, creativity and peace of mind.

If you’re up for it, try this today.

Whatever you’re doing, moment to moment, ask yourself regularly… “Am I 100% focused on what I’m meant to be doing now?”

You’ll probably find the results interesting.

Food for thought,

Have a great week,