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“The world we have created is a product of our way of thinking.”
– Albert Einstein
Do you think this is true?  Does it apply to our society as much as to the individual?
Certainly, you could argue that the lust for power and money created
the economic mess that currently abounds.  This type of thinking created
a world of systems that is now crumbling.  Whether it be political, financial,
or even religious, we appear to be living in a time when everything
people ‘depended’ on can no longer be relied upon.
As a result people are feeling stress from a lack of purpose, clarity and direction.
But maybe there’s a hidden gem amongst all of this.
Maybe now is the time of depending on your ‘self’.  Of looking at your own life,
and ways of thinking and deciding how you want to live you life and more
importantly how you want the world to be.
The whole is made up of the individual.  And if the individual starts to change
their way of thinking then ultimately the overall system will be changed to
reflect that thinking.
So if everyone starts thinking win/win, what will happen?
If we all give ‘genuine’ consideration to the impact of our actions on our loved one, clients, staff, communities, countries and environment… what will happen?
This may be too much to consider on a Monday morning, so it might just be as easy
to start with the way you’re thinking today.  Are you thinking about what
you want to happen?  Or are you thinking about what’s annoying you or
worrying about what if?
If one of the smartest people that ever lived thinks that we create our
world from our thinking, it’s probably worth pausing every so often to
‘check’ what our thinking is…
Food for thought….
Have a great week,
Best Regards,