’tis yourself


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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to
decide you’re not going to stay where you are. 
Analyze your life in terms of your environment. 
Are the things around you helping you towards
success or are they holding you back? 
You are not planted in the ground like a tree…you can change.
What part of you needs to change?” 
– Keith Cunningham, Business Educator & Entrepreneur
The power of a decision.  Very often, that’s all it takes to
start creating more success for yourself, on your terms.
We can tend to keep putting things off, deliberating, analysing,
or hedging our bets – procrastinating.
Very often the pain of ‘inaction’ becomes so unbearable  that
we are ‘forced’ to make a decision.  This, unfortunately, is the
way many address their business and personal lives – when a decision
could have been made well before the pain was felt.
You could look at the areas of your business and life today that
you’re not happy with and make ‘decisions’ that you’re going to
create something different.  Something better.
Whether it’s cash collection habits, health focus, poor staff performance,
where you live/work, a new opportunity etc.
I read recently that the reason most people don’t bother to try to change
anything is because they ‘feel’ that they are powerless.
If they only knew how much power and potential they have.
But they alone need to make the decision to ‘switch that power on’.
It’s not an external switch but an internal one.
And because they feel powerless, people feel that they’re at the
mercy of people and events around them.   And so they blame everyone
else – the economy, the government, my staff, my customers, my family etc.
Pretty much everyone except the person in the mirror.  And there seems
to be a lot of this going on at the moment…
The end of the above quote is the most important as I see it:
“What part of you needs to change?” 
Not the economy, not the government, not your staff.
As we say in Ireland, ’tis yourself’.
When you DECIDE to change things, things change around you.
More and more people are waking up to this fact.  So this week,
what area are you going to DECIDE to change for the better?
And what part of YOU needs to change to help that happen?
Food for thought…
Best Regards,
PS – thanks to all those who’ve given positive feedback recently on these emails.  It’s nice
to know that they seem to be making a difference to people.