Changing Ain’t Easy

"I'm making changes in my life, so if you don't hear from me you are one of them."


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“I’m making changes in my life,
so if you don’t hear from me you are one of them.” 

– Anonymous 

When you know and feel you have to make changes, it’s important to take action. 

The problem is that fear of the change (s) can lead us to procrastinate
– and inevitably we can make mountains out of previously small molehills – so that we stay

People say that change isn’t easy. 

But maybe not changing is worse? 

Don’t change your business strategy – there may be no business. 

Don’t change your communication – there may be no relationship. 

Don’t change your job – there may be no fulfilment. 

Don’t change your mind – there may be no effective result. 

Don’t change your lifestyle – there may be no life! 

When and what to change usually makes itself well-known to you. 

The best thing is to step into the area and take some action – you’ll find out quick enough if
it’s the right thing or not. 

The worst thing to do, is nothing. 

2018 is coming up on the radar. But don’t wait until January 1st to make changes. 

Start today. 

Take action. 



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