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A few years ago, someone wrote me an email about my book ‘Inspire Me’

– maybe it was you?

They told me that they had six books beside their bed – 5 by famous international authors. The other by some guy he’d never heard of i.e. me 🙂

But they went on to tell me that they were enjoying ‘Inspire Me’ the most of all the books.

They then wrote the following:

But the design of your book is cr*p! The content deserves better. If you ever do a 2nd Edition will you please, please, please do a re-design of the book! It really looks cr*p!!’

It’s no wonder it was cr*p because it was designed by me!  But if that was you please do let me know because I owe you one – your mail stuck at the back of my mind.

Despite this ‘design flaw’, earlier this year Inspire Me hit best-seller status in Ireland and I thought it would a good enough reason to completely re-design the book and do a re-launch.

So I hired a professional book designer based in California and I have to say I’m delighted with the result.  New cover, new interior layout and design and some changes to the content.

It’s a profoundly better reading experience for the reader and it makes the words come alive.

To celebrate the launch of the new edition, I’m running a special 2 week offer around the book which begins next Wednesday 15th November @9pm Irish/UK time.

I’m holding an online launch of the re-vamped Inspire Me, which will be a CrowdCast interview format with Twitter Goddess, Samantha Kelly – if you’re available to join us it’ll be a chance to win some prizes, ask me questions about improving in your business or life and also nominate some schools, universities and charities  in your area that you believe would appreciate a free copy of the book.

Just to make sure you don’t forget, you can register for the CrowdCast Live Launch here.



ps – below is the new cover for Inspire Me.