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Are You Clear On Your ‘Wall Of Success?’

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall,
every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

– Stephen Covey

I remember the first time I read these words.  They had a profound effect on me.  

I was a busy young professional working in a multi-national 
and I had just started down the road of seeking more meaning
from my career and life.

I’d never even considered that I was climbing a ladder that was
against a virtual wall.

Yet I was.  The wall was what success looked like to me and the ladder
was my pathway there.

Yet I had never once thought about what the wall was made up of and
why it was that.  

I realised that I hadn’t consciously picked the wall that I wanted and that awareness led, over time, to some serious yet positive changes.  

Because deep down I wasn’t enjoying my work – I was busy but empty of any real meaning or purpose.  So I started asking lots of questions – I still am.

And that process has brought me great satisfaction as well as a lot
of challenges!  All of which I’m grateful for.

To me, the above insight can be applied to you personally and also professionally:

Personally:  What have you defined as success for yourself?  Are they really your goals? Or could they be goals you’ve picked up from others? (Society, parents, The Jones, etc.)  Is there real meaning and purpose to your career priorities?

Professionally:  What goals are your business or team pursuing? Are you clear
as to why? Have you really thought through what is going to make the biggest
impact to your business?  Or is everything a priority? (And thereby nothing is)

Food for thought.
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